"HO, HO, HO!"


   Merry Christmas everyone! As you all know, today's Christmas Eve, which means family gathering, presents and, of course, an outfit for being chosen. Do you already know what your're wearing tonight? If the answer is a no, don't panic, because I've decided to show you some examples that you can use. You're still in time for picking your outfit!


"December Red | Inglot".

   A friend of mine, María, went to High School with her nails done deep Burgandy, and I got shocked with this tone. I rather say I got addicted to it (I've always been in love with Burgandy), so I asked her to send me a pic of this nail enamel and the number of the tone, so I'd be able to show you all this beautiful red. Inglot 926: pure heroine.



(*Credits: Zara.com)

   There's just over a week to go until Christmas, and we all start writing our "letters to Santa", telling him what we would like to get for Christmas and why. So did I. This year, all I want for Christmas (God, I've just sounded like Mariah Carey) is an Animal Print Rucksack. I've always said: "The devil wears Zara".


"Take the pain out of perfection."

   My mother was given Olay Regenerist Night Renewal Elixir by a friend on her birthday, and I'd completely forgotten about it until I found it yesterday. What price are we willing to pay for perfection? I asked mum about her experience, and this is what she told me. 


"Skincare Routine."

   We usually wear make-up to cover up acne, but what we don't know is this makes things worse. So, that's why we have to "create" a skincare routine.

(*Credits: Vogue USA- Cosmetic cover).